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Monday, December 5, 2016

TMNT 3D Deco Night Light Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

3D Light has joined forces with Nickelodeon to create the TMNT 3D Deco/Night Light for all the little people in the world in awe of these awesome masked ninja turtles. The lights are based on the animation series. We had the opportunity to receive the Donatello 3D Deco/Night Light for a review.

Like a lot of the great classics the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made a big comeback. Children all over the world are loving those pizza eating turtles. Can you imagine the excitement of my grandson when he seen what we had hung in his room. He gave it his "That's so cool" approval immediately after seeing the dramatic illusion of Donatello's head smashing through his bedroom wall. I couldn't believe how bright Donatello's head was!

While the illusion of Donatello's head breaking through the wall is very awesome, this light provides a soothing glow so youngsters can sleep peacefully and not think about any boogey monsters.

The TMNT 3D Decor/Night lights are perfect for all ages, from little people to big people. The bulbs are LED, they should not get too hot and their said to last 5.7 years.

It is quite simple to hang the plastic Donatello on the wall, operating the light is also just as simple. The light is cordless with an off and on switch and the night light is powered by 3 AA batteries.

The 3D Lights have been tested by the people at 3D Lights most discerning critics- their partners and children. These lights have been found to be an amazing addition to kid's bedrooms, nurseries, and rec rooms.

The creative folks at 3D Lights understand how important it is To provide a safe functional and inspiring environment for little ones as they are also parents. It was the sentiment that there 3D Deco light were created. 3D Lights line of 3D lights include pucks, jets, regulation size sports balls, and their most recent, a range of action figure and superhero inspired products.

The Donatello 3D Deco/Night Light would make a great holiday gift for any youngsters on your list. Their a comfortable, cordless and decorative light your little ones will love! The price of these 3D Lights is surprisingly less expensive than I would have thought for a licensed product. If you need anymore information or you would like to see what they are working on next visit

You can connect with 3D Deco Night Light via; @3DLightFX Pinterest Their Website

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stick Stack Game from Wonder Forge Reviiew

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review,

Wonder Forge . has released Stick Stack this year, and we've had the opportunity to review this game.

Stick Stack is a simple and fun game of tilting tactics for 2 or more players, 8 years old and above. We have enjoyed playing this game with our kids. The object of this game is to stack the sticks without toppling the tower. Placing and stacking those sticks can get a little challenging at times, especially when also having to match colors but it is what puts the fun in this great game!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp from Tenergy Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We have had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the 11 W dimmable LED desk lamp from Tenergy.

My oldest son began his first year of college in September.  He was wanting to add a function-able lamp to his desk and has been enjoying this desk lamp we received from Tenergy . The desk lamp from Tenergy is sleek and modern with five different levels of brightness. There is 4 light temperatures ranging from a white to a yellow color. The light arm is adjustable to many angles.  It also features a USB charging port and a one hour timer. Two really cool features for a modern desk lamp.

My son says the lamp works great.  He finds a comfortable setting to get his homework done or adjusts the angle of the light arm to wherever he needs the light in his room.   His favorite part is the USB charging port in the base, who doesn't love an extra place to charge.

The Tenergy corporation was established in 2004, in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Tenergy enjoyed rapid growth by working closely with their customers developing comprehensive battery and charger products. Tenergy serves a world wide spectrum of Industry clients through technical strengths and innovative products. Customers benefit from Tenergy's broad products and Technical capabilities in NiMH batteries, chargers, power management and other power Technologies.

If your desk is missing that modern light addition visit they are reasonable and their products are function-able, durable, and work great. If you are interested in purchasing one place you can find them is Amazon

  • Easy on the Eyes and Superior Light Quality - Comfortable, non-flickering light for stress-free productivity. Will not cause eye fatigue like other lamps that have flickering lights and harsh glares.
  • 530 Lumens and Extra Bright - Powerful light, 5 dimming levels, and 4 preset light color temperatures ensure the perfect light setting to suit your needs and your moods
  • USB Charging Port - Built directly into the lamp base, making it convenient to charge smartphones or USB compatible devices without having to get a longer cable or plugging it into hard to reach places.
  • Adjustable Lamp Arm - Adjustable lamp arm allows you to control the light and to direct and aim it to wherever you need it.
  • Energy Saving and Long Lasting - Power saving LEDs that consume 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

    Demention 17.7 x 8.2 x 2.7 inches

    The Tenergy corporation was established in 2004, in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Tenergy enjoyed rapid growth by working closely with their customers developing comprehensive battery and charger products. Tenergy serves a world wide spectrum of Industry clients through technical strengths and innovative products. Customers benefit from Tenergy's broad products and Technical capabilities in NiMH batteries, chargers, power management and other power Technologies.

    You can connect with Tenergy via Facebook . You Tube . Tenergy Website . .
  • Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Review

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

    We had the opportunity to review Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator.

    Odors are just a smelly fact of life. You can find offending odors from your kitchen to your bathroom. If you own animals your sure to come across an offending smell here and there. I've got some great news to pass along to you from Fresh Wave . There is no need to pull out any harsh or heavily perfumed chemicals. These usually just mask those nasty smells for a short period of time. Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator will kick those nasty smells out the door.

    Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator is much more than an air freshener, it's a natural odor removing product. It uses simple, pure and natural ingredients rather than covering up the odors with perfumes and those harsh chemicals. Fresh Wave actually makes the odor molecules disappear using natural ingredients like water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and Cedarwood to get rid of organic and inorganic odors.

    In my home there are three people who have asthma. We do not find many fragranced products that doesn't either make one of them feel short of breathe or cough for an hour. We need no fancy smells, just the clean air Fresh Wave provides is wonderful.

    You might be expecting me to talk about scents and if Fresh Wave offers any, but sorry folks scents are just not Fresh Wave's thing. Their 'scent' comes from essential oils. They in fact have no fragrance disclosure.

    Fresh Waves is manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana, while their ingredients are sourced from around the globe to provide the best quality solutions. All products at Fresh Wave are non-toxic they will not contain any synthetic fragrances, alcohol and are a 100% Phthalate free. These products are safe for you, your family, pets and our world.

    The family at Fresh Wave have been around for over 20 years. They have always used natural ingredients for their products. Good and natural stuff, like the kind you find in nature. The products you will find at Fresh Wave are nothing like the harsh chemicals that are manufactured in a lab. Fresh Wave has been using natural ingredients long before it was cool to use natural products.

    Facebook , @fresh_wave , Instagram , Pinterest and Fresh Wave Website .

    Nurture Smart Crib Mobile from Playability Review

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.
    Added 12/8/16 - NEWS ALERT - Nurture Smart Crib Mobile was just awarded a *Design Patent*! Also they are offering all Mom To Grandma Readers a 5% discount if you use the code smartmobile5 upon check-out!

    We had the opportunity to review The Nurture Smart Crib Mobile from Playability.

    My son and daughter in law are expecting their first baby soon.  For the past few months I have been looking for a mobile for the crib.  Not just any mobile, THE mobile.  It is for my grandson and I wanted as close to perfection as possible.  It was a happy surprise when the company Playability offered to send us their brand new patent pending Nurture Smart Crib Mobile.

    The Nurture Smart Crib mobile is not like any crib mobile I have ever seen, it has this unique design and was developed with input from child life specialists and psychologists. It is intended for babies who are 0-5 months. This mobile includes exceptional safety, child development and comfort features. It has been designed for both home and clinical use. This crib mobile is the most advanced ever created.

    The unique design of the crib mobile has a domed mirror and three image displays that can be flipped to reveal different images. On one side beautiful colored images and on the other side there are black and white images.

    This crib mobile is one big piece, its very simple to mount onto the crib and operate. There are no removable parts on the mobile, it was designed with safety as a priority. The adjustable arm can be adjusted to match the baby's developing visual range, and articulates to allow easy access to the baby in the crib. As long as the crib rails do not exceed 2 1/4 inches the crib mobile was designed to fit a variety of cribs.

    The features of the mobile promote sensory interaction, safety and comfort to the baby. From the duel sided visual panels to the large dome mirror and night light with celestial images. There are 5 stimulating auditory sounds that are comforting and calming to the baby. Sounds like white noise, waves and a heartbeat, It also plays lullabies and classical music. There are 3 different sound settings and motions. The mobiles sound, light and motion functions can operate independently or combined. There is a night light star projection. There are also four convenient timer settings. This is probably one of my favorite feature on this crib mobile. The timer can be set on the mobile to play any of the functions from 15-60 minutes in 15 minute intervals.

    The crib mobile is completely washable and built to stand disinfectants. There are no soft parts that will collect bacteria or filth. The speakers on the mobile are waterproof for easy cleaning. The washable button panel is not accessible to the baby. It was designed to be wipeable and stand up to a washing without damaging it.

    The Nurture Smart Crib Mobile is the most unique crib mobile I have ever come across. If your pregnant,  attending a baby shower, or you have a baby somewhere in your life to buy for this coming holiday Nurture Smart  Crib Mobile is a superb idea.

    Playability toys is a specialized company that designs and manufactures products for home and clinical use. Their products range from unique toys created to meet the needs of children and adults with special needs to their new Nature Smart line designed to enrich the lives of children while they are in the hospital. For over 15 years their products have been bringing joy and the gift of play to thousands.

    You can connect with Playability Toys via: Facebook , @playabilitytoys , Pinterest , You Tube and Playability Toys Website .

    Thursday, December 1, 2016

    ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts Review

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

    We were extremely grateful to be able to review FIVE pints of ARCTIC ZERO'S Fit Frozen Dessert. The flavors were: Salty Caramel, Cookie Dough Chip, Snickerdoodle Dandy, Cake Batter and Popping Pomegranate. We also received a dessert scoop. My favorite was Salty Caramel, after my first creamy spoonful I was like Ooh Yeah ... YUM! Each flavor was creamy and delicious. I took them out of the Freezer an evening my daughter had came, while my granddaughter was at Girl Scouts. There was just her, my son and I. We started out with cute little dessert bowls and a scoop of our choosing. We ended up with our own spoons after having a few ahem, tastes of everyone else's flavor. Each flavor had it's own creamy, distinct, great taste. I don't care for natural pomegranates but I did like the Poppin' Pomegranate Arctic Zero Fit Frozen dessert. It wasn't my first or even second choice but I liked it enough to eat almost the whole thing.


    My son and I have unique living arrangements. When I bought my home I had him added as the second owner making it much easier for him, whenever my time comes. In the mean time I live downstairs and he has an apartment upstairs. This situation works out well for us. We are there to help each other out. On the down side we know a bit too much about each others personal business.

    He and I both have health issues. I am drastically over weight, for one. He has stomach and upper GI issues. They started out just as a little heartburn and bloat (15 years ago) and have progressed dramatically. He tells me I need to loose weight because he worries about me, in turn I tell him he needs to lay off the junk food. Well, we came to the agreement that both of us would try to eat healthier.

    This is where Arctic Zero fits in. I know there are many women, well and men, children that can turn down a bowl of ice cream, pudding, cheese cake but I am not one of them. I have a love of sweet creamy desserts as does my son. My weight wasn't enough to keep me away from them but, my diabetes is another story. I was forewarned that if I kept eating the way I was, I would get it and to my dismay they were right. Diabetes can be controlled, although, from everyone I have talked to it is a challenge. I really seriously needed to find an alternative so I wouldn't keep going back to the desserts that hurt me the most, with Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts I believe I have found their replacement.

    Another thing, I realized I wasn't having the harsh cough after Arctic Zero that I have with ice cream, pudding, cheesecake even pizza. I am wondering if maybe I have some type of allergy to something in them foods that Arctic Zero does not add to their desserts.

    On ARCTIC ZERO'S Facebook page they have giveaway for their awesome product and great swag. All of their social media links are below for you to just click and you'll be there! I'm headed there now hoping to snag me some swag!

    ARCTIC ZERO Creamy Pints are blended with premium ingredients for a sweet treat with zero compromise. Their products are low glycemic, certified gluten free, fat free, GMO free, lactose free, vegetarian and kosher. ARCTIC ZERO is handcrafted from premium ingredients. You won’t find any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. How awesome is that and it tastes great!

    Arctic Zero also carries:
    Chunky Pints

    They have added to the Chunky Pints selection:  A Lil' Bit Chippy *NEW*, Buttery Pecan *NEW*, Cookie Dough Chip *NEW*, Cool Mint Chip, *NEW* and Key Lime Pie *NEW*.

    Also in the Creamy Pints: Toasted Coconut *NEW*, Salted Caramel *NEW*, Orange Dream *NEW*, Purely Chocolate, Vanilla Maple, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Simply Strawberry, Hint of Mint, Cookie Shake and Cappuccino.
    Vanilla Bars

    Dark Chocolate Bars

    They have recently added to the FIT FROZEN Bars: SALTED CARAMEL and MINT. I can't wait to try the Vanilla Bars, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Toasted Coconut, Key Lime Pie and Orange Dream!

    The Arctic Zero Mission:
    Through a spirit of innovation and a commitment to the highest quality, ARCTIC ZERO provides Fit Frozen Desserts to the world with zero compromise.

    Company Overview
    Our love of ice cream runs deep, like eat-the-entire-pint deep. You know that feeling you get when you have to choose between indulging your sweet tooth and maintaining your healthy lifestyle? We dislike that. A lot. That’s why we created ARCTIC ZERO.

    Made with the finest quality whey protein and sweetened with antioxidant-rich monk fruit, our desserts are nutrition-packed to boost energy, improve muscle tone and help you be your best. You won’t find any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors here.

    So whether you’re looking for a post-workout snack, watching your weight or following a special diet, our handcrafted desserts are the perfect way to taste the sweet life with zero guilt.

    You can connect with Arctic Zero Via:
    Facebook , @arcticzerocom , Instagram , Pinterest , and Arctic Zero Website ,