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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nonni's Biscotti Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We were treated recently with a variety of boxes containing Nonni's Biscotti cookies for a review.

There is something about offering your guests individually wrapped gourmet cookies that makes you feel sophisticated. You will feel as if you are spoiling yourself, and like me you'll want to hide some away so your children don't eat them all.

In a small town in Italy called Lucca, in the 14th century Nonni (an Italian name for grandmother) created the biscotti from scratch for her family. Almost 100 years ago, Nonni, bringing her recipe with her, came to America. That same family recipe of all fresh ingredients is still used today. Nonni is the leading number one premium baker and seller of biscotti and the only one who sells nationwide. The biscotti are light, crunchy and delicious. There are several varieties of biscotti ranging from plain to dark chocolate with almonds to toffee.

We received the following boxes of Nonni's biscotti cookies:

  • Limone Biscotti is an 8 count box of individually wrapped for freshness. This is a refreshing lemon cookie with a delicate coating of white icing. Only 110 calories.
  • Triple Chocolate biscotti , an 8 count box, individually wrapped is also only 110 calories. This biscotti is a rich cocoa filled with semi-sweet chocolate chunks, topped and dipped with ribbons of delicious milk chocolate. Paired perfect with a cappuccino, cold milk or coffee.
  • Originali biscotti is a blend of almonds and walnuts with a hint of Anise. This is a classic creation rich in Tuscan tradition. These Original biscotti cookies will compliment coffee, wine and espresso. This biscotti cookie is only 90 calories.
  • Cioccolati, a classic original biscotti, 110 calories and individually wrapped are dipped in gourmet bittersweet chocolate. This is a modern tradition uniting the flavors of biscotti with the rich taste of the finest chocolate available.
  • An 8 count box of individually wrapped Dark Chocolate Almond biscotti's. A dark brown chocolate almond biscotti dipped in gourmet bittersweet chocolate creating a delectable combination. Perfectly paired with a café mocha, café latte, or a glass of milk.
  • Salted Caramel Biscotti, 8 individually wrapped cookies are filled with caramel, dipped and strung in rich milk chocolate and then lightly sprinkled with sea salt. These are 100 calories.
  • Toffee Almond biscotti's are a light crunchy cookie filled with English-style toffee bits, blended with some of the finest almonds available and dipped in rich gourmet milk chocolate. Also come 8 individually wrapped in the box and have 110 calories.

    I love them all, its hard to choose a favorite. If I had to it would probably be the salted caramel and who can pass up a chocolate treat. These gourmet drinking cookies are delicious and can be paired with many drinks, such as coffee, cold milk hot cocoa and even wine. The great quality of the ingredients this company uses makes this a sweet indulgent upscale treat. These are perfect for sharing and snacking.

    You can connect with Nonni's via Facebook , @NonnisFoods , Pinterest , Instagram and Nonni's Website
  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017

    Special Edition Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Gift Pack

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

    We had the opportunity to review a Gillette Fusion5 Pro Shield Gift Pack. We'd also like you to hear about two awesome savings.

    For Father's Day Gillettes wants to remind everyone that they support the father and son relationship by encouraging guys to go "Go ask dad" They realize that finding a gift for dad on Father's Day isn't always easy. They want you to consider getting him their fail proof gift.

    Treat your dad to a simple and smooth way to reorder blades with On Demand . It is very easy, given the two options you have to order.

  • 1. Text to reorder new blades the minute your out. Just throw them a text using the word BLADES to the number BLADES. (252337)
  • 2. Subscribe online to get $3 off your first order, plus every 4th order of blades for free. Your subscription can be customized, changed or canceled at any time.

    Starting June 6th, for a limited time only you can pick up the Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Gift Pack in-store at Walgreen's, for only $9.99 MSRP $18.. Help dad out keeping his face fresh with Gillette's most advanced razor and shave prep.

    Gillette Fusion5 ProShield men’s razor, comes with lubrication. before and after the blades. It features 5 precision blades for incredible comfort. With Gillette’s thinnest and finest blades. Complete with FlexBall technology, ProShield responds to contours & gets virtually every hair. One razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves. This Fusion5 ProShield razor can be used with any Fusion5 blade refills.

    The blades you will receive from Gillette On Demand are the same razors you can buy from the store, but using this as a way to get your new blades is more convenient and simple. Besides every 4th order you get free, everyone likes free!!

    The blades will fit all Fusion ProShield, Fusion ProGlide, and Fusion Blades and all of the MACH3 Blades. Gillette blades will last about 30 days, but this will ultimately depend on how often you shave and your hair thickness. Gillette bases their 30-day claim on the average male shaver who shaves 3-4 times per week. Ensure a long-lasting Lubrastrip, store your razor in the included organizer tray or face up, away from damp surfaces.

    Treat that special Dad in your life to a fresh, smooth face! He'll thank you for it for weeks to come!

    You can connect with Gillette via Facebook , @Gillette , You Tube and Gillette Website
  • PeachSkinSheets Sheet Set Review and Independence Day Hop

    Welcome to the Independence Day Hop! This giveaway is hosted by The Review Wire. Sponsored by PeachSkinSheets and brought to you by Mom To Grandma blog. Each giveaway in the linky listed just below my giveaway form has a prize of $20. or more. Good Luck!

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

    We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for a sheet set from PeachSkinSheets .

    They say a person spends one-third of their life sleeping, so we essentially spend one-third of our lives in a bed. I imagine most of you would agree that being that is the case great bedding should be a priority. I'm not sure if a lot of people give the comfort of their sheets much thought, but they should. Anywhere your spending that amount of time should be a place of the utmost comfort.

    I PeachSkinSheets are a 21st century SMART fabric, the latest in high performance sleep technology textiles. These have a reversible brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides for the extraordinary 1500 thread count. The sheets have 18" deep pockets with elastic all around them to fit memory foam, Custom Number and Double Pillow Top Mattresses up to 22"-24".

    Some benefits of the PeachSkinSheets are body and moisture management properties. Warm sleepers will stay cool and cool sleepers will stay warm. The fabric will wick away moisture instead of absorbing it like cotton. These sheets are more breathable than most fabrics including cotton advanced poly microfibers. Their hypoallergenic, great for people with allergies and sensitive skin issues. The anti microbial prevents dust and pollen from adhering to the sheets PeachSkinSheets are also anti slip because of their non Sateen finish. This means softness without slipping or sliding out of bed.

    These sheets are amazing! They are not only strong and durable but extremely soft. The sheet set I received came in a beautiful color called Mariners Blue. We find that these sheets are comfortable to sleep on and easy to wash. My husband sweats gallons over night, at least I would swear to gallons, we find though that the sheets don't end up feeling damp and disgusting. They wash up nicely without any discoloring or looking dingy. They absolutely come out of the dryer pretty quickly without a wrinkle in sight as is promised.

    The sheet sets from PeachSkin are durable and hold up to our toddlers, children and dog. All of whom make it a daily activity of jumping on our bed. The sheets will also not shrink over time, meaning at some point you will not be fighting to put your sheet on your mattress. I think these sheets are a great investment, their quality and durability is great at an affordable price. I have a sister who has taken a recent interest in purchasing some of these sheets. She has Ecema and has many sheets that cause her skin issues.

    PeachSkinSheets also offers the PeachPerfectPaint which will match your bedding to an accent wall, a wall trim, or your entire bedroom. Check out the interior decorators custom options from Benjamin Moore. June's $55 colors of the month are chocolate and almond.

    Some of the colors PeachSkinSheets offers are Classic White, Beach Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, Sage Green. Their all beautiful soft colors for their pillow cases, sheet sets and duvets.

    Founded in 2013, The Original PeachSkinSheets is in Atlanta, Georgia. They pride themselves on being We pride The Original, One and Only Authentic Brand. Their signature peach zipper pull is featured on every sheet package. PeachSkinSheets affordable bed sheets are made from a breathable, high performance athletic grade SMART fabric that is great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties. You can find PeachSkinSheets online, at local pop up events as well as at our retail location in North Point Mall, Alpharetta, Georgia. They thrive on being a quality company with a quality product and going the extra mile for their customers.

    You can connect with PeachSkinSheets via Facebook , @PeachSkinSheets , Pinterest , Instagram , RSS Feed and PeachSkinSheets Website

    Must be 18, US only, sorry friends. Winner must return winning e-mail within 48 hours or forfeit. Please give the RC a moment to load. While any one entry will enter you, the more tasks you complete, the higher your chances. Good Luck Everyone!
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclosure: All participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors whom do not send their prize or any injury from said prize(s). Fb, nor any other social networks, are in any way associated with this giveaway.

    Hair Care Treatment Set for Healthy Hair, Scalp and Hair Follicles from My Hair Dance

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

    Recently we were given an opportunity to review a Hair Care Treatment Set from My Hair Dance .

    Let's talk about hair. Everyone has a bad hair day here and there. There's many complaints about hair that are due to the products we using for our hair. It could simply be a certain brand doesn't work well for your hair, but my hair responds nicely to it. Let me tell you about My Hair Dance and the products we received from them. My daughter and I have really taking a liking to these hair care products.

    My daughter who is an adult has always had soft fine hair since she was a toddler. She has gotten discouraged in past months about her hair breaking off. When I received these products I especially wanted her to give them a try because she has tried other products without a lot of success.

    The set we received includes Nature's Treatment Shampoo, Hair and Root Stimulator, Rejuvenating Hair Oil, Ultra Light Conditioning Spray, and Silky Touch Dry Shampoo.

    The botanical based hair treatment system at My Hair Dance is professionally formulated using only the highest quality of natural ingredients. The Nature’s Treatment Shampoo is pH-balanced and gentle for the hair and scalp. It's formulated to stimulate follicles for healthier hair.

    The Hair and Scalp Stimulator is an evidence-based formula based on the latest research to energize hair follicle growth by increasing the blood flow in the scalp.

    The Dry Shampoo allows you to extend the time between wet-shampooing that strips the hair of its natural oils.

    The Rejuvenating Hair Oil uses a unique almond oil blend to nourish and condition the hair.

    They also offer Silk Pillowcase is a little know secret to maintaining soft and healthy hair. The set we received did not come with the Silk Pillowcase.

    The Nature’s Treatment Shampoo is really refreshing and revitalizing. It stimulates hair follicles and improves scalp health while still being gentle. This shampoo spreads through the hair easily. It feels very cool on my scalp, there is kind of a tingle to it. The shampoo has a peppermint scent, its a bit strong but not overwhelming. Its an enjoyable scent. I have found that it makes my hair smooth, soft and shiny. This is a treatment shampoo you will to shake the bottle before using and you will need to let it sit on your scalp for 2 minutes. Both my daughter and myself are pleased with the results of this shampoo.

    My daughter has been enjoying the Hair and Root Stimulator. This spray was made to boost the scalp's blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth. This gets used after shampooing or can be left in overnight. My daughter says besides the great scalp results she has been getting from using these products, she also enjoys the tingly, cool way it makes her scalp feel.

    The Rejuvenating Hair Oil can be used in several different ways. It’s a blend of Avocado Walnut, Argan, Coconut, Wheat Germ, Grapeseed oils and Shea Butter. This has a nice and light scent like almonds. I like We apply a small amount to our ends and the result is shiny, soft and smooth hair. My daughter's hair is starting to feel healthier and stronger. This can be used for a deep conditioning effect.

    The Ultra Light Conditioning Spray, you can choose to add Moisture and Strength regular conditioner instead of oil or leave-in. It depends on the type of hair you have and your hair needs. My Hair Dance will recommend their regular conditioner for those with long, thick, and curly hair.

    This hair treatment kit is for people who want to support healthy hair growth and improve the condition of the hair itself. If you have dry hair and it is visibly damaged you can see split ends. The first step would be to have a haircut. The condition of the hair that is not visibly damaged can be improved by using the My Hair Dance products. The Natures' Treatment Shampoo is very gentle and their Hair Oil provides deep conditioning to improve the hair's structure.

    The Hair Dance products will each come with a page with information/ Depending on the needs of your hair, you can choose them separately, or buy them as a kit. For example, if you have short hair and your goal is to stop or prevent hair loss then Nature's Treatment Shampoo and Hair and Root Stimulator may be all you need.

    We recommend if your hair talk today is all about problems try My Hair Dance. We think they are very affordable compared to a lot of hair products out there that are so expensive.

    Anna, who is the founder of Hair Dance has always been searching for a solution for more healthy hair and scalp due to naturally thin and fragile hair. One of the first things Anna learned was it's important to extend the amount of time between shampooing, unfortunately oily hair roots made this impossible. To fix this problem she tried numerous brands of Dry Shampoo. However, could not find an all natural and chemical free Dry Shampoo that would actually work. She then decided to come up with her own all natural formula. In order to make her own Dry Shampoo available to others, Anna researched and interviewed several natural cosmetics formulators. By doing this, she found the perfect formulator who has 30 years of experience and a passion for a healthy lifestyle. He explained why all the fancy hair products she saw in commercials did not work on her hair.

    The beauty industry is focused on profits. They make sure the products smell good, lather up, and coat the hair for a short term beauty fix. However, this is not healthy for the scalp and hair follicles. The use of products containing harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage over time to hair follicles. This especially affects individuals who have fragile hair and weak roots. The formulator encouraged Anna to develop a more complete solution to achieve healthy hair. Hair Dance was then founded as an all natural treatment for a healthy hair and scalp.

    You can connect with Hair Dance via Facebook , @MyHairDance , My Hair Dance Website

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    Aroma Foundry Review (and Upcoming Giveaway)

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

    We have had the opportunity to receive some essential oils from Aroma Foundry for a review.

    So many people are turning to essential oils. Essential oils are liquid extracts that are distilled from plants, flowers and trees. It often takes the entire plant or more to produce a single drop of oil, making essential oils very concentrated.

    I received Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint Essential Oils from Aroma Foundry. I found, compared to some other places that sell Essential Oils, Aroma Foundry has very affordable prices. Other places can get costly.

    Eucalyptus Essential oil is 100% pure and all-natural. This Essential Oil is sourced from the United States, hand bottled in California, and hand-inspected and boxed at their facility in Santa Barbara.

    Eucalyptus Essential oil is highly effective for treating respiratory problems, such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia and even tuberculosis. It is good for colds and flu, hair nourishment, odor removal from air and more.

    Tea Tree oil was first extracted in Australia. Aroma Foundry sticking to their native theme, sourced their 100% pure and all-natural Tea Tree oil from down under.

    The Tea Tree, which has become my favorite, can do just about anything. It's Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. Can you imagine the list I could come up for the uses of Tea Tree oil. If your going to invest in essential oil, I would recommend putting Tea Tree oil on one of your first orders.

    Peppermint Oil is 100% pure and all Natural as well. A hybrid of spearmint and watermint. It has a reputation for bringing calmness and serenity when inhaled. Grown in Washington in the United States, smelling it creates a sensation like a cool northwestern wind. The smell of this is amazing! Use it in a difuser.

    Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most useful, unique, and popular essential oils. Aroma Foundry gets theirs in the United States; when you catch a whiff it'll recall lavender flowers you walk by in a planter or garden. Steam distilled from the violet blue flowers, its 100% pure and all natural and is also 100% made from lavender oil.

    I have used these essential oils in my difuser to make the house smell amazing. I have used them to replace some of my chemical cleaners. I love them and I don't think I'll be going back to some of those cleaners. Aroma Foundry makes getting these essential oils at a cost that wont hurt our budget.

    Aroma Foundry is a Santa Barbara, California company founded by a team with a goal to create quality All Natural products that let Mother Earth show off what she can do. They put the customer first, and rest assured they use all of our products ourselves before we offer them to the public.

    You can connect with Aroma Foundry via Facebook , @AromaFoundry , Instagram and Aroma Foundry Website .

    What do you think of this product?

    This Game is Bonkers Review

    We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

    We had the opportunity to review This Game is Bonkers from Winning Moves Games .

    This game was inspired by the classic 1978 version. A whole new generations of fans will delight in this game. The players build a new track each time they play, it is never the same game twice! How many times do you buy a game and you can say its never the same game twice. This sure does help keep the kids entertained and playing for hours.

    The goal of the players is to be the first player to score 12 points. Players will roll a dice and move tokens along the twists in the track in place race cards with a land. Each new track card placed on the board will give players instructions on how players will move forward and backwards. The track cards will stay on the board and more are added until the entire board is completed.

    The game is bonkers contains a game board, four plastic tokens, four plastic scoring pegs, one scoring pegboard, two dice, 40 track cards, four large go to lose cards and of course instructions.

    Your children will enjoy this game as much as our children have. Winning Moves offers great classic games at affordable prices,  add some to your game night collection.

    Winning Moves Games was founded in 1995 by four highly esteemed game industry professionals. Since they have become a leading maker of board games, puzzles and card games. They forged a close relationship with one of the world's largest game companies, Hasbro Inc, owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. As a result many of the long lived Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers games are now exclusively made by Winning Moves. These talented group of game marketers and developers are on a mission to provide happiness to their consumers by offering cool, classic, retro and fun games for everyone. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    You can connect with Winning Moves Games USA via;
    Facebook , @WinningMovesGames , You Tube , Pinterest , Instagram , and Winning Moves Games Website

    What do you think of this great product?