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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cush N Go by Beehaven Review


Baby-BeeHaven was created by Heather Prattas. Being a new mother Heather constantly searched online for products that could make day to day activities with little ones easier. After four years and a lot of research Heather's idea for the see 'n store stroller organizer has turned into an entire line of products that help make parents lives easier. Each Baby-BeeHaven product evolved from Heather's experiences and needs as a mom, ideas she had for products but couldn't find in the general marketplace. The Baby-BeeHaven products are created by mommies for mommies, daddies and their little ones.

The Cush 'n Go is a soft fabric covered foam that supports baby's neck, head and back. It is recommended by medical professionals. The high quality memory foam conforms to the infants head, decreasing resistance and the risk of flay head syndrome. The Cush 'n Go is intended for strollers and compatible with most stroller harness systems. Its a beautiful soft cushion, with a two sided design. It comes with care instructions for machine washing. Baby-Beehaven has three more Cush 'n Go patterns coming out soon, including a two sided design for boys.

A few more Baby Beehaven products include:

The Swingin Smart Bucket Swing Cover. This very cute two sided designed swing cover has easy velcro attachments for bucket seats and chains. The Swing cover helps protect baby from germs that hide out in public playgrounds.

The Dream Feeder memory foam arm cushion. It provides comfort for mother and baby. The cushion protects mother's arms from the weight of the baby's head. The luxe minky fabric is soft against skin, while a velcro-like armband secures pillow in place.

The See 'n Store multimedia stroller organizer helps keep little ones occupied on the go. It has a secure viewable holder for tablet or portable D.V.D player and the protective sleeve offers a multimedia storage.

The Baby-Beehaven product line is a must see for all new mommies and daddies!

It was very hard for me to decide which product to choose. They are all very cute and useful items. We chose the Cush 'N Go because, well, Leah's stroller is a disaster from vacation. Washing it only reminded me how bad it was. I was very surprised when I opened the box as I didn't expect it to be quite so beautiful. It is every bit the picture on their website and soft, so soft. It has a soft ruffle around the outside adding to it's girly look and the zebra stripes on the reverse side just brings it home! Leah absolutely loves her Cush 'N Go, she wants to go "wif me sof banket"! I must have a 10 minute girl talk just to get her to put it down for meal and bath time. I admit it is pretty cute listening to her as she defends her blanket. She carries it around the house, lays her head on it and tries to put it around her like a towel. Wait til I put it on the stroller to stay, she's gonna flip!

You can connect with Baby-BeeHaven Their Facebook Page , Pinterest , @Queenbeehaven and Their Website


  1. I love these product and the one for the playground swing-great idea! Love the idea of it being 2 sided

  2. I love the idea of this! And I also looks very cute :)

  3. This is so great. I wish I had had one of these with my first.

  4. Great product and seems versitile.

  5. The double sided feature is great!

  6. This is great! I know I always wanted my daughter to have the most support in her stroller.

  7. This is TOO cute!! I love the Swingin' Smart bucket swing seat cover too! What a great idea! I must not be the only clean freak that goes around the playground wiping things LOL! Love it!

  8. fabulous idea...a must have

  9. Great products. I checked out their wedsite and am amazed at how nice the products look. The cush n go looks so comfy. They need to make an adult size for our cars.

  10. My favorite item from the Baby Beehaven site is the Cush N Go. I think that it will make my little mans ride so much more comfortable.


  11. I would love to have this for my new grandbaby. It would definitely get used!

  12. this is so net one get dirty all there is to do is just grab and new one.