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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kayla and I WALKED the 5K Color Vibe Run

Christina here ...

First and foremost the powder used was safe, non toxic colored powder. I would not have exposed my daughter, unborn child or myself to it for that matter if it had been anything but absolutely safe. I am very careful about what goes into my children health wise and am beginning to to learn about other harmful products we as Americans use every day. With that said, I'll start at the beginning.

My friend Marah brought up the Color Vibe and it sounded like something I would like to do. Although I was going to the gym 5 days a week at that time I did not have any practice running distance. I started by running on the track in our gym and running on our road the days I didn't run at the gym. I began training for this run last February as it was my first ever run at 30 years old. Kayla began running with me. After awhile I decided it would be a good chance for a mother daughter event. My friend, that told me about the run also went, in fact she drove the hours to get there first thing in the morning. Being I was 23 weeks pregnant I chose to walk rather than run, yes, even after all that practice. I have already had many episodes of spasm like pain and I did not feel comfortable running. We made it the whole way. We had a great time along with everyone else. Everyone was in this positive uplifting spirit, it is hard to describe. I just know I want to continue on with more actual runs after the baby. I will have to wait a while to train but that is Ok it will be winter anyway and the baby will be too small to go out much, especially to day care or sitters. During the race We were colored with pink or blue at each stop. We were colored, color me pink, color me blue!

I knew walking I would have no problems finishing. I was surprised a little however, that Kayla was getting out of the mood by the end. This girl played soccer, swims like a fish, was in cheer leading, loves Wii 'Just Dance' games, she plays in our back yard or the field behind it constantly. She is always active. Maybe it was all the dancing she did (quick video below.) She is just so energetic.

When it was time to get a few things for the baby there was one thing I would not settle on. I knew I would be running and I know regular strollers cannot keep up. I picked out a cute but heavy duty and reasonably priced jogging stroller. The one I drooled over was perfect but at $399. knowing I wouldn't be spending much time at work when I did go back just didn't seem like a responsible choice. Who taught me to be responsible anyway, darn it. lol


  1. It looks like you both managed to have a good time, walking that distance is hard enough! I see many ppl around here with jogging strollers, they seem to do very well with it!!! congrats on making it!!!

  2. Congratulations to both of you for making that walk all the way to the end--I don't think I could do it anymore-not even walking and I used to walk all over the place in my younger days!

  3. Well done both of you, for not only finishing but for actually getting up and doing it in the first place, looks like you had plenty of fun with those colors.

  4. Looks like the kids had fun. Congrats on the run.

  5. Well done, always wanted to try one of these runs. Might look into now.

  6. Walking rules! Running's cool too, but I've long preferred walking.

    God bless,

  7. This looks like a blast! I'm just getting into running 5K's I did one earlier this month and hoping to do a "Color Blast" 5K similar to this one next month :)

  8. Looks like a great time, I try and tell myself no matter how slow I go, I'm lapping everyone on the couch. Congrats